Developing Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

iSYS provides system engineering specializing in Forensic Informatics services to federal, state, and local government agencies throughout the United States. As the need for faster and more efficient information systems in support of our nation’s law enforcement personnel continues to increase, iSYS teams with our customers and other IT Companies to provide superior information technology (IT) services support.

Our support addresses on-going enhancements to existing IT systems and developing new IT systems that incorporate the evolution of long-term advanced hardware and software technologies. In supporting the Federal, State, and Local government agencies, we provide a full lifecycle system support services that includes: software development, system integration, testing, security engineering, training, and operations & maintenance services to our customers.

Critical support to Federal, State and Local government agencies in the forensic investigations

The following is a sample of our current initiatives:

FBI CODIS: iSYS provided critical system engineering support for the development of the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). iSYS is currently providing critical system engineering support for the development of the CODIS Next Generation (NG). CODIS is a distributed database system that is installed in all law enforcement forensics laboratories at the Federal, State, and Local government levels within the United States, and stores DNA profiles generated by those laboratories. CODIS is also installed and operated at some 25 laboratories internationally. CODIS generates investigative leads for cases where biological evidence is recovered from the crime scene. As of November 2008, the National DNA Index (NDIS) a part of CODIS contained over 6.4 million offender profiles and over 245,000 forensic profiles. Also as of November 2008, CODIS produced over 79,000 investigative leads.

FBI EXPeRT: iSYS provides software engineering, development, and operations & maintenance support services for the FBI’s Explosives Reference Tool (EXPeRT) program. EXPeRT, the primary system used by FBI laboratory examiners in the forensic investigation of incidents involving explosive devices, is a web-based document repository containing laboratory examination reports; explosives research reports, underground publications, and manufacturer data. EXPeRT is used nationally to analyze crime scenes where explosives are used to commit crimes. Recently, EXPeRT has been used to aid investigations in IRAQ involving Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). EXPeRT is also used by the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC) to aid investigations.

KBI CEDaRS: iSYS provides full system lifecycle support for the development, implementation, and operations and maintenance of the Casework Electronic Data and Reporting System (CEDaRS). CEDaRS is utilized by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) to enhance the efficiency and the quality of the casework reports. CEDaRS has been instrumental in increasing the number and accuracy of cases processed KBI by increasing the efficiency of the forensics laboratory staff. CEDaRS was developed with the approval for the National Institute of Justice and with the understanding that this system could be used in forensics laboratories national wide. As such, CEDaRS is easily configurable to accommodate the business processes of most forensics laboratories.CEDaRS will increase forensic case output per examiner, which in turn will increase the number of cases completed by forensic laboratories nationwide which will generate investigative leads for law enforcement and bring closure for the victims of crime.

NIST DNA Analysis Tools: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed prototype software tools for the analysis of DNA sequences. These tools assist in the development of tests/assays in the field of DNA diagnostics. iSYS was chosen to port these tools to a web-based format so that members of the DNA diagnostics community can take advantage of their utility for free and over an accessible medium (the internet). The development of these tools will also lead to enhancements in terms of user interface and application functionality.

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